Matched Betting – Forex Trading

The information on this page is in 2 parts:

Step 1 is for UK residents only and the money you make is TAX FREE.

Step 2 is worldwide – check the tax position in your country for this type of business.

Step 1 can be used to make the money to finance Step 2.

Use your matched betting winnings to finance and start Step 2 (Forex trading)

You really need a minimum of about $1000/£750 to start forex trading properly so this first step is ideal if you don’t have a spare £750 or you don’t want to risk what you have!

Matched betting is not gambling because whatever the outcome of the 2 pairs of bets you make a profit…just follow the simple instructions given.

There’s an excellent video explanation of matched betting when you visit the main site.

There is also a written step-by-step version here. A new tab will open and you do not lose this page.

Important Note

Even  if you have never placed a bet in your life you can do this!

You simply watch the training videos and follow the very detailed step-by-step guides and you make money!

It was 5 years ago this December when I showed Mark a way to Make Money Tax Free.

He’s UK based and was, therefore, able to take full advantage of the situation.

Fast forward to today and he estimates by December 2019 his total TAX FREE PROFIT was about £36,000!

That’s an average of £600 a month!

And he started with the matched betting strategy you will be shown! So my question to you is would you like to do the same as Mark?

You’ll need roughly £150 – £200 capital to begin and the company shows you how to make about £50 BEFORE you start paying the monthly fee of £17.99.  

And that on-going cost can be covered by your monthly winnings!

In your back office you have all the tools, videos and training you need to do this and there are NO upsells!

By the way, the £150 – £200 is used to make money tax free and not spent on some information product.

Before I go any further let me say, for you to make this money, there is NO RECRUITING NEEDED in Step 1 or Step 2.

You could be living on Hoy (an island in Orkney, Scotland) and still make money as long as you have internet access.

Moving on to Step 2…

…a monthly membership of an established 6 year old training and education company that has helped people develop new skillsets they can use ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. (Hint: you could move to a country where it is TAX FREE!)

They then use that knowledge to create a genuine life changing income, with some leaving their jobs to BECOME FINANCIALLY FREE AND INDEPENDENT!

Using the money you make in Step 1 enables you to start Step 2 WITH NO EXTRA OUT-OF-POCKET COSTS!

We are looking for 20 to 40 committed and focused people to join us and totally change the direction of their lives for the better.

Don’t forget, there is NO RECRUITING NEEDED in either of these steps!

I can also add you to our facebook Financial Freedom Plan group, for people wanting to know more before they join.

In this group you get a FREE 5 Day Forex Success Guide, a series of videos to help you understand more about Forex and what iML, and our group, can offer you.

Also, by being a member of our group you will have access to a very useful indicator created by another member for our exclusive use which, currently, is helping members achieve a 93% success rate.

If you look at the images below you’ll see a red triangle with the word ‘Sell’ and a green triangle with the word ‘Buy.’

They are indicators for a potential trade.

There are other factors to be considered but the triangles are a very good visual aid!

Click on each image to enlarge for better viewing.

And in this final image you will learn why the vertical white line (inserted only to highlight the position) would be a trade and, of equal importance, why we placed the word ‘NO’ next to some of the red and green potential entry triangles.

These are trades to avoid and you will learn why.

Click on the image to enlarge it for a closer view

You Are so Close to Success!

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Financial Freedom Information

Suggested Strategy for UK Residents

Start with Step 1, the matched betting, for which you’ll need about £150 – £200.

You can sign up for free and make about £50 from the 3 offers available even before you subscribe to their service.

That £50 will pay for your first, almost 3 months subscription of £17.99.

Make some money with the matched betting and then move on to Step 2.

And remember, you started with £150 – £200 and all other costs come from profits NOT more out-of-pocket payments!

To learn more about Step 1 and Matched Betting click on the banner below or here if there’s no banner showing on your device.

I’m sure you will have some general questions so you are welcome to contact Phil on facebook

Finally…a question for you…why should you do all this?

Go to the page ‘ALARM BELLS’ on this site and read what is going to happen.

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Financial Freedom Information